In Korean cuisine, pork belly meat without the skin is known as Samgyeop-sal. The literal meaning of Samgyeop-sal is “three-layered meat”. This is the belly region of the pork where the meat and fat are layered into 3 parts.

Samgyupsal is a very popular Korean meat dish that is enjoyed at home or at Korean restaurants that specializes in meat dishes. The best thing about this dish is that there is little or no marinating involved. Its popularity in Korea is remarkable and ubiquitous, with restaurants aplenty that have special grilling tables that allow customers to cook and eat them immediately.

It is typically served with Ssamjang or sesame seed oil with salt (as a wrap sauce) and Ssam (as a wrap) vegetables such as lettuce or perilla leaves to wrap it in, which is used to wrap a slice of cooked Samgyupsal.