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Retail Products

“Samjin Globlanet was founded in 1970, as an exporter of Korean traditional foods. Since then, we opened the first branch office in Chicago and have established a world-wide network for food distribution. Now, we have many regional business partners all over the world. We deal in a wide variety of food items, which are manufactured and distributed under the strict and hygienic procedures such as ISO, HACCP, etc. Korean food is beginning to capture the appetite of people who are interested in Korean food. We have been expanding our global merchandising system into the USA, Europe as well as China, and further investing in R&D which will position us as leading food distributor in the global market. We have given our best attention and sincerity to every process of our business. We will be continuously committed to providing products and services of high quality to our customers. We hope that our efforts will contribute to making our customers healthy and happy.”

Sungheon Kang

Chairman & CEO